LOGONortheast Angels is an early-stage investment group which works with entrepreneurs and businesses located in the Northeast. Specifically NeA focuses on opportunities located around the business corridor between Manchester and Nashua, New Hampshire including surrounding communities. While we prefer deal opportunities located within driving distance of Nashua, NH, we will consider investments in the greater New England area. We also welcome deals referred by other angel groups or venture capital groups participating in greater New England investments. NeA invests in opportunities regardless of technology or service class.

NeA members welcome any and all investment inquiries as our constituents have a wide range of expertise and interests. NeA looks for opportunities with companies that can demonstrate potential market penetration, strong leadership, organized effort and strong financial skills.

NeA members also bring to any partnership significant experience and skills, being able to quickly leverage internal knowledge to fill any potential skills gap.Thus, NeA also welcomes businesses that require some mentoring as long as the product line is strong and the entrepreneur is willing to accept advice. Northeast Angels invests time, money, and expertise in every effort; for ultimately it is the success of all involved which represents the ultimate outcome.

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